Friendly Farm Cart Fake

A little over a year ago we reviewed Friendly Farms Live Sauce Cart. It was awesome. You could really feel the heat coming off of the cart as you dabbled away. Well, here comes the good news as it so often so does in this industry: counterfeits are hitting the market. Yes, there are fake Friendly Farms carts out there.

The problem isn’t just one person making them, it’s about how easy they are to make. In fact, some people are even selling them online. These aren’t knockoffs; they are copies. They look exactly like the real thing, down to the logo. But they don’t work quite the same way. And that’s where things go wrong.

We’ve seen these carts used at festivals and events. One vendor had his cart stolen. He went home and saw he’d been ripped off. There’s no telling what happened to it. This is why we recommend getting a warranty on your cart. We want our customers to know that they’ll always receive quality products.

And now, let’s talk about the real deal. If you buy a genuine Friendly Farms cart, you’ll know that it works great. It feels amazing. It’s built well enough to withstand the elements. And it looks great.

But we do have a few tips for those looking to purchase a cart. First, check the price. Don’t pay too much. Remember, a lot of times you’ll see vendors sell something cheap because they’re trying to move inventory quickly. That’s fine. Just remember that you’re paying more money for fewer products.

Next, take a look at the box. Look closely at the graphics and logos. Do they match up? Is the packaging consistent throughout? Does it look professional? Does it seem authentic?

Finally, look at the cart itself. Make sure it fits together properly. Also, make sure it feels solid. Don’t pick something up unless it feels sturdy. If the cart doesn’t feel nice in your hand, it probably won’t feel nice in your mouth either.

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