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Friendly Farms Cartridges

We offer a wide variety of vape cartridges including high THC vape cartridges, CBD vape cartridges, and live resin cartridges. All of our cartridges are tested and inspected prior to shipment. We ship daily via USPS Priority Mail. You receive tracking information once your package leaves our facility. If you wish to exchange your cartridge within 30 days of purchase, please email us at.

We NEVER filter or add any additives to our oils because we believe in the purest form of the strains’ original tastes and effects.

That’s the Tru Spectrum difference, and it’s what makes us stand out among other brands.

Connect to any 510 threaded battery heated up to no more than 3 volts to enjoy without burning the oils.

We invite you to experience why Friendlies Farm is the favorite of cannabis enthusiasts across California.

Friendly Farms THC Carts

We carry.5g and 3g friendly farms vape pens in Sativa/hybrid, Indica, and even some CBD strains such as Gelonade, Ice cream mints, Purple Wookie, Blue slush, Grease monkey, Yeti confetti, Purple passion, and many others. These vape pens come in several different types of concentrates including Live resin, cured resin, hash oil, wax, shatter, budder, and much more.